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Operating in tandem with the internationally renowned Dutch Kills, Hundredweight Ice has been fabricating and delivering crystal-clear ice to bars and restaurants throughout New York City and beyond since 2011. We are a family owned and operated business, and we proudly honor the strong pedigree of bartenders from whence we came.  We are the first ice company in New York City dedicated solely to supplying the finest quality of frozen water intended for use in exemplary cocktails, wherever they are sought.  


who we are

Richard Boccato is a native of Brooklyn, New York and a bartender by trade. He is the proprietor of both Dutch Kills in Long Island City and Fresh Kills Bar in Williamsburg. 

Zack Gelnaw-Rubin is a bartender and the proprietor of the upcoming bar Lion Lion, in East Harlem.

Ian Present is co-owner of Dutch Kills Bar in Long Island City and End of the Century Bar, in Forest Hills as well as VP of Revenue Management at Muy-Ono Hospitality. 


Two-Inch Cubes

Our most popular product, these standard-size crystal-clear cubes are designed for serving your beverage of choice on the rock.

Highball Spears 

The perfect piece to fit a tall glass, our spears will keep your long drinks colder and less watered-down for the duration of their life in the glass.  


Designed for fast and easy cutting, these are perfect for cutting your own rocks for a-la-minute service. 


These blocks are great to display behind your bar and for cutting by hand into any style of ice you desire. 

Ten-Inch Blocks

The largest in size, and the greatest in versatility. Imagine the possibilities for cocktail application.  


We teamed up with Powers Irish Whiskey to demonstrate how to craft the perfect cube.

VIDEO series
We explain the importance of ice in craft cocktails in this series from Johnnie Walker.

“Hundredweight Ice lays the foundation for the city’s most serious cocktails.”

“Create New Revenue Streams: Become Your Own Supplier, and Then Supply Others”


Whether you’re coordinating a special event* or looking to incorporate a superior caliber of ice into your cocktail program at a bar or restaurant, Hundredweight Ice will surely impress your guests.
Contact us by phone: (347) 764-5205 (Monday through Saturday, 11AM-8PM) or write to us below.
*(Please provide at least 48 hours notice for events.)

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